... a family office catalyzed by innovative thinking, guided by traditional values.  "Tenacitas Vincit Omnia" 

Beacon Capital was established in 2009 as a family office; backed by four wealthy families who were looking to diversify their investment exposures and developed relationships with like-minded family offices to leverage their sector-specific expertise for deal execution.  Life sciences provided an attractive asset class uncorrelated to the market and with recession-resistant characteristics.  During a period of 10 years, Beacon assisted its family owners to deploy capital and advised many life sciences companies from regulatory strategy to financial structuring.  In a 10-year period, Beacon was involved and advised on some $1.5bn of investments. 

Beacon founder Nancy Torres Kaufman went on to expand the group focus in the financial services and other opportunities such as Fashion, Fine Art, and  Technology.   Beacon is known for its socially responsible focus, creative aptitude towards deal structure, and expertise in the life sciences & financial services.  Beacon has partnered with world-class scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutions to develop and execute on value-creating opportunities.

An example of this is the Beacon-Accelerator model for the empowerment and democratization of resources to amplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of life science discoveries and thereby enhance the chances of success for Life Science companies.  The cornerstone of our model is to offer early to late-stage R&D-focused groups the tools to drive their pipelines through clinical trials.

We have first-hand understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit that will not give up. The dreamer working to make its vision a reality. Beacon is committed to moral, sustainable impact leaning on the pillars of privacy, generosity, humility, for the common good; passing on these values to future generations.  This commitment remains at the core of the relationships we've built over the years.  Our mutual goal is to continue to support globally conscious initiatives while building a legacy for future generations.

Beacon's global fabric extends from our Europe centric relationships, with great emphasis in the Middle East,  Ibero America, and Asia.